Understanding the concept of Narrative essay and its types:

A narrative essay is a genre of essay writing in which a writer has to narrate his personal life experience. It has unique importance in educational institutes.

Narrative essay writing demands a writer to share his personal life experience that must have great significance. A writer must have strong writing skills. He must be able to involve all the sensory details in the content.

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Moreover, it requires a writer to draw a vivid and moving picture in the reader’s mind of a situation. Doing so is not an easy task.

In this particular type of essay, a writer has to explicate the situation, place, person, etc. significantly. The concluding remarks should not suggest anything categorically. It is up to a reader how he perceives the message. Drawing conclusions is the choice of a reader.

It has four different types. Each type has unique importance depending upon the nature of the topic. Those four types are as follows.

  1. Linear Narrative
  2. Non-Linear narrative
  3. Quest Narrative
  4. Viewpoint Narrative

Let’s have a look at each type bit by bit.

Linear Narrative:

No doubt, students consider writing a linear Narrative essay is as a simple task as falling off a log. However, it is not entirely the case.

Writing this type of essay also demands a writer to involve sensory details in the writing material.

However, it is imperative to mention all the details of a subject in chronological order. It becomes a little difficult for students to write such an essay as they have to spend a lot of time brainstorming and outlining such an essay.

Writing each and every detail in proper order is a challenging task. Moreover, it restricts a writer to draw a picture of a scene according to the defined order. It makes the content boring or dull to some extent.

Non-Linear narrative:

This is another genre of narrative writing. Students consider writing this type of essay easier as compared to the linear narrative kind of essay.

In this particular type of essay, a student gets the flexibility to express his feelings and emotions in random order.

It is up to the writer how he draws a clear picture of the situation. He doesn’t have to follow any rules to express his feelings.

Quest Narrative:

It is a different kind of writing in the narrative essay. It encourages students to sensationalize the event that took place in the protagonist’s or writer’s life.

It encourages a writer to mention his most difficult part of traveling in order to achieve some goal.

The watchword of writing this type of adventurous essay is to sensationalize the event by highlighting the hardships a writer confronted to achieve his goal.

Viewpoint Narrative:

It is another type of Narrative essay writing. It assists an author to present a character in the story and then reveal the story through that character.

It is like showing the world an author’s perspective with the eyes of that character.

It limits a writer’s emotions, feelings, thoughts, and ideas to a larger extent.

Narrative essay writing urges students to express their emotions and personal life experiences. It is not about telling a story; it is about showing it. Even professional writers struggle to write such an essay.

However, a professional essay writing service can do this job for students. It is imperative for students to strictly follow the writing style of professional essay writers to enhance their writing standards.

Students have to improve their writing standards. For this purpose, they must adopt a reading habit daily. It enhances vocabulary that ultimately helps in expressing thoughts, ideas, and feelings according to the situation.

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