Difference between Descriptive and Narrative essay:

Writing a comprehensive essay becomes a daunting affair for some students. They become nervous and confused while writing different types of essays.

It sometimes happens that students fret out while writing two different types of essays. Especially when it comes to writing a Descriptive or a Narrative essay, students mingle their concepts with each other.

It happens because there is a thin line that differentiates both essay types from each other. Consequently, a student gets anxious and starts thinking about how I can write my essay correctly and search for an online essay writing service.

It is, therefore, imperative for students to learn the differences between them.

Narrative Essay writing:

It is a particular genre of writing in which a student has to illustrate his personal life experience extraordinarily.

That life experience must have great significance in readers’ lives. A reader must find worth reading it. Moreover, a writer has to reveal the subtle meaning of minute components of the subject.

It demands a writer to involve sensory details about the topic. Sensory details include the sense of touch, smell, taste, sight, and hear, respectively.

It also gives artistic freedom to students to involve their emotional feelings while writing a narrative essay. However, a writer must stay focused on the central idea.

He must avoid making a vicious cycle while writing a detailed Narrative essay.

Moreover, students at the early stage of writing have to understand that they are not supposed to suggest or recommend anything regarding the topic to their readers.

Descriptive Essay:

In a Descriptive essay writing, a student has to describe the subject thoroughly. He has to involve sensory details similarly as he involves it in a Narrative essay. However, he cannot involve emotional feelings while doing so.

Furthermore, a Descriptive essay demands an essay writer to explicate a thing, person, place, etc. In contrast, a narrative essay requires a student to narrate a story of his personal life experience.

Next, a scribbler cannot suggest or recommend anything in a Descriptive essay the same as he does in a Narrative essay.

Notably, a student has to bear even the minute components of the topic. However, sometimes neophyte writers make a common mistake of highlighting unnecessary elements of a topic.

It is imperative to clear concepts about each type of essay writing. If a student doesn’t know about the motif of writing, he cannot brainstorm in the right direction.

Putting pen to paper in essay writing is not a big deal, but writing unique and impressive content is a big challenge.

For this purpose, a student has to research the topic. He must have profound knowledge and marvelous writing skills. Only then can he write a top-notch and remarkable essay.

The Descriptive and narrative essay writings respectively demand a writer to involve sensory details. To do so, a writer must have a vast vocabulary to deploy his writing skills effectively.

Writing a splendid and top-tier essay is not as simple as ABC. Students must be motivated and committed to accomplishing the goal of becoming a top-echelon writer.

Writing a Narrative or a Descriptive essay seems to be a daunting affair for some students. They consider writing these types of essays as one of the most challenging tasks to achieve. They think that they will not be able to write intriguing essays ever. Well, it is not the case.

Students have to understand that no writer becomes a professional writer from day one. It is not an overnight goal to achieve.

Students should not underestimate their writing skills. They must learn new tips, tricks, and rules to write convincing, attractive, attention-seeking, and eye-catching essays.

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